Potluck? Don't panic! Holiday appetizers to bring to a party + bonus Virginia stuffing recipe!

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

My all-time favorite snack to tide me over while waiting for the real food is rich, fatty, protein packed cheese. Slap it on a cracker and add jalapeno jelly. I love cruising the bargain bins at grocery stores for the odd jelly that is just crying out for a cheese plate, or make your own pepper jelly.


Other easy, fresh and healthy snacks could include:


Or bring dessert.. my favorite is the famous dark chocolate Black Forest cake (which you don't have to mention that you picked up at the bakery)

Fudge is another easy party favorite, check Pinterest for a recipe for any taste

My favorite treat to bring t0 a party when I bring my kids is a big batch of blank sugar cookies, several prepared bags of colored icing and tons of different kinds of sprinkles. Dessert, a fun activity and awesome memories all rolled into one. Store bought dough makes it so easy, and some grocery stores even sell baked cookies to decorate!


If you're an over-achiever like me and you have the chef's permission, you could bring a stuffing to complement the bird.. check out this classic Virginian recipe, with smoked pork and clams in a crusty french bread base.

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