How Often Should I Mow?

More than mowing: How to maintain the healthiest, aka prettiest lawn on the block

Mowing keeps the need for growth high, encouraging the grass to create brand new leaves with every mow. This creates a densely packed, lush lawn perfect for bare feet and BBQs. The key to a beautiful lawn is health, learn how to keep your turf as lush as possible, all year. #Backyard_dreams

How To Tell Your Lawn Is Getting Enough Water

1. A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn. If the color begins to fade, it's likely dehydrating.

2. When you walk on your grass, you'll get a feel for it's sound and texture. When it's dried out, it will feel dried out and sound crisper when you walk over it.

3. Healthy lawns need about 1 inch of water per week. Tip: 1 tuna can placed in an area unobstructed from rain will gather 1 inch of water in a week.

4. Has growth slowed down? You might need to increase your watering.

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Is it too hot or cold or dry to mow?

Higher precipitation means more nutrients for your grass, it will grow more as a result. Mow more often during wet seasons. The wet season is also a great time for aeration! If there is less water in the air, mow less often and very sparingly during droughts, you want your grass to focus on dormancy instead of growth when there are less resources.

The Grass Counts

When it comes to choosing what type of grass to sow, you need to consider a variety of factors. The environment for starters, is it going to be a steady cool growing type season or will it swing from very cold to very hot? How long are the summers? Is your sand rich and fertile or rather sandy and loamy? Is there a lot of rain in your area or is drought a common consideration? Is your yard in the shade or full sun? As well as all these critical factors, we want to make sure that your design tastes are considered. What colors do you like, and are you using your grass for decoration or lounging in?

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Enjoy your #lawn

After you've compiled your answers to these questions, you'll be able to narrow down the best choices for your lawn. For Virginia, my home state, there are a few types that fit in to most environments, despite Virginia laying in between a cold climate zone and a hot climate zone. Many grasses have a hard time adapting between the temperature shifts and the weather, here is a short list to help you.

  1. Kentucky Bluegrass - This often deeply hued grass can grow lusciously, creating a picturesque yard. However, this is a high maintenance grass with its water and sun needs.

  2. Fescue is the grass that I typically seed lawns with in southern Virginia, as it is able to grow in most region of Virginia and thrives in the often loamy soil. I use a tall blue tag blend in my lawn seeding business. Having the deepest root systems of the cool weather grass types, Fescue provides stability in extreme weather, drought tolerance, disease resistance and flexibility. This grass is self sufficient and hardy, as southern Virginia often needs it to be.

  3. Bahia is a hardy grass well suited for sandy soils and droughts, though it is not the most attractive option. For a deeper green and denser lawn, go with the Argentine variety.

  4. Bermuda grass is possibly the most common type of grass, likely due to its low maintenance style and beautiful coloration. It is a prolific, dense grass that grows best in well drained soils. It can withstand heavy foot traffic but needs high sunlight for best health.

  5. Zoysia is another Virginia star, preferring well drained soils but otherwise being very low maintenance. This grass pops up first in spring, stays fresh longest and doesn't look too bad as it goes dormant, turning a rich golden brown shade. Full sun or partial shade, this winner isn't too picky.

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4 Reasons To Use A Professional Lawn Mowing Service

  1. Quality guaranteed - we treat your lawns like we treat our own.

  2. Professional equipment means top quality trims

  3. Your convenience! We show up on your scheduled day and get your lawn gorgeous quick, your behind-the-scenes lawn doctors. Pay online for added ease

  4. Healthy lawns are cared for routinely, let the pros with a passion for lawns take care of yours.

Enjoy your Summer relaxing in your yard

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