Garden For Your Health & Budget

Sunny Virginia is a perfect place to live for the home gardener. With long growing seasons, mild climate and fertile soil, it is easy to grow your own nutritious produce. Virginia is home to many small gardens, as well as canning operations! Gardening and putting up your food is an important skill for the self sufficient household. Remember victory gardens? The victory is in devoting your time, money and sweat into your own diet, health and future. Growing your own food has been part of the American way of life for many generations.

In addition to saving money and eating better, gardening has the added benefit of being great exercise! Bending and pulling weeds and spreading mulch and digging holes are all cardiovascular intensive workouts and wonderful ways to work up a sweat. Yard care is hard work but gardeners are happy to do it. Unfortunately, this is the very reason that many gardeners slow down or entirely forgo their favorite activity as they grow older.

Aging in place means finding ways to make life easier on yourself as you deal with the struggles of getting older. Staying active is very important to maintaining fitness when you are in your later years, after all, “A body in motion stays in motion”! It can be difficult to keep up with an entire property though, which needs constant weeding and cleaning.

It can be nice to have a lot of work to do over the summer but in sunny Virginia, gardeners work year round. Plants can be put in the ground as early as April and fruit well into October. While this can sound daunting, one solution can be to hire a landscaping service professional to come in and keep the garden and yard tidy, allowing you to spend your precious time on what makes you happy instead of mostly cleaning. A once weekly cleaning team can work wonders, keeping your property fresh and you in your beloved garden. Peace at last!

In Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay there are many options to choose from when it comes to lawn care services. There are many franchise businesses that promise low prices but deliver poor service in return. When it comes to quality service from lawn care professionals that care because they live there, I would book with LawnCraft LawnCare Inc. You can select from a variety of subscription packages to meet your needs, book online and even try a week trial for only $19! LCLC serves residential and commercial clients, providing year round lawn care services designed with your convenience in mind. Click here to see their subscription options!

Whether you have a large yard or a small front lawn, you can find ways to include your victory garden into your landscape. With some weekly maintenance and elbow grease, you can turn that dirt patch into a year’s worth of healthy food for your family. No matter your age, getting your hands deep into the Earth is healing in it’s own right. I hope you continue to enjoy your garden for many years to come and give LCLC a call if you want an extra hand around the yard.

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