Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Lawn Aeration is the process of breaking up the soil around the roots of your grass to improve oxygen and nutrient circulation and overall #lawnhealth. The difference between healthy sod and a poor turf biosphere is clear in its appearance – healthy lawns are lush, bright and a joy for the whole family. #LiveLifeOutside on your beautifully maintained property and get your toes in that lavish lawn!

Take a closer look at optimal lawn care

Commonly called core aeration, lawn aeration is also known as coring, spiking and slicing. There are many proven benefits to aerating your lawn, such as;

  • Improved soil atmosphere through increased oxygen and co2 exchange

  • Increased water uptake in soil, fertilizer acceptance and stronger roots

  • Enhanced resistance to drought, heat and water runoff. Studies show that healthier roots increase resistance to pests and #lawndisease!

  • Thatch breakdown and less soil compaction means #turf will enjoy lush growth

Equipment matters when it comes to aeration. You could buy a hand held aeration tool like a push mower and do it yourself, but simply poking a series of holes in the ground will not achieve the results you need for #healthylawns. LCLC uses specialized lawn aeration equipment that removes a series of plugs of dirt from the mat of the lawn, providing deep and close set core holes. This produces an environment conducive to airflow, a key factor in healthy lawns.

If you want to try lawn aeration at home, here are some tips from the professionals:

1)Visit your local garden center to find a core aerator to rent, one can usually be picked up for less than $100 for several hours. You'll want to bring friends, as the equipment can be heavy and awkward, and be sure to read the operators manual.

2) Make sure to thoroughly water your lawn about two days prior to aeration, to ensure that the roots are hydrated and ready to accept aeration. Dry roots may be damaged in the process, causing more harm than good to your lawn.

3)Run the aerator completely over the area, being careful not to go over the same area more than once. While this process is safe, natural, and helps keep grass healthy , there is easily too much of a good thing in this case- repeated aeration over the same structure can cause severe damage to the roots of your lawn.

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Now that you know why you want to aerate your lawn, give the pros at LawnCraft LawnCare a call or book your next aeration service online. Our expert lawn aeration crew will arrive up at your home at your convenience, ready to give your lawn the makeover it deserves. Take advantage of our fall aeration special- for the month of October, pay only $100 for quick and reliable aeration services with our lawn pros.

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