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7 Fun Spring Things To Do in Virginia (On A Budget)

#VirginiaBeach is beautiful year round, but this is my favorite time of year.

Keep scrolling to see the list of our favorite thing to do in Virginia, and the best family friendly activities that require as little money as possible.

1. Go on a picnic!

In coastal Virginia, picnics can be had in so many beautiful locations that it's difficult to count. Who doesn't love to see a fresh gaggle of baby ducklings waddling by while enjoying a light lunch? Check out the Lake Smith Natural Area, a natural reserve, to see plenty of wildlife. You could also enjoy a day at the beach, such as the Little Island Park Beach.

2. Enjoy a New Outdoor Hobby

Disc golf is an interesting new sport- a hybrid of golfing and frisbee, players fling weighted discs towards goal posts set up on specialized courses. Munden Point Park has a well-reviewed disc golf course, among other features.

3. Take the kids to a petting zoo

Spring is the time for new birth on the farm, and while kids inherently love to pet cute animals, spring is when the family can see all the new cute baby animals, and maybe enjoy some warm snuggles.

The 60-acre Bluebird Gap Farm is a great inexpensive way to spend the day in #Hampton , featuring a large farm full of animals, walking paths, an outdoor dining area with covered seating and a BBQ, a duck pond, and a playground.

You could also take the kids to the Fox Wire Alpacas Farm, another coastal venue in Toano. Call ahead to make an appointment for this inexpensive ($5 a head) personalized farm tour, featuring alpacas, pigs, and chickens.

Virginia Beach also has a petting zoo, the Hunt's Club Petting Farm. Families can spend all day playing with and feeding cute baby birds, sheep, and other farm animals here.

4. Check Out The Something In The Water Music Festival

This #VirginiaBeach party is hosted on the beach from April 26-28, and features a variety of artists over spring break weekend. Please, party goers, stay hydrated, keep the beach clean and neighborhoods safe!

5. Rent a Bike & Cruise The Boardwalk

There are several shops throughout the boardwalk and Virginia's seaboard, nestled in between ice-cream stores and other amusements. Check out Marianne Linen and Equipment Rentals, which rents out bikes, peddle-carts, and other fun equipment for your beach day.

6. Spend A Day On the Water

Beach cruiser rental shops can also offer equipment to use in the water, such as surfboards and small boats. Check out the local's favorite Moneysworth Beach Equipment, which rents cribs, chairs, bikes, and paddle-boats, among other beach necessities. You could also get some surfing lessons from VB Surf, a shop in Virginia Beach that offers lessons as well as tours and rentals.

7. Save Virginia

Join Local Conservation Efforts - Have a Fun Day Cleaning #VirginiaBeach during Clean the Bay Day in June, or visit to find a cleanup day near you. Not only are these events free to participate in, but you and your family can enjoy the exercise and good vibes from helping keep our planet healthy.

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