Help Your Spring Lawn Thrive

We all love the spring and the gifts of sunlight and rain that make our gardens grow. Read on to see some pro tips for giving your lawn a head start this spring. It's finally starting to warm up and soon we'll be barbecuing again! There are a plethora of options available to those of us that simply cannot wait to play in our lawns and gardens. It's been a long winter, folks! We've complied a list of simple steps to achieving your #backyard_dreams this spring and all year long

How Often Should I Mow?

More than mowing: How to maintain the healthiest, aka prettiest lawn on the block Mowing keeps the need for growth high, encouraging the grass to create brand new leaves with every mow. This creates a densely packed, lush lawn perfect for bare feet and BBQs. The key to a beautiful lawn is health, learn how to keep your turf as lush as possible, all year. #Backyard_dreams How To Tell Your Lawn Is Getting Enough Water 1. A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn. If the color begins t