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Whether you're a homeowner who needs some help keeping the lawn beautiful and the backyard bare-feet ready, or a business with year-round maintenance needs, the professional staff at LawnCraft Lawn Care can help you. Call us to discuss your lawn care needs, or simply book online- you can pay online or in person. We look forward to working with you!

Serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk

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Yvonne A.


"Amazing quote, polite & efficient team, great work .

I recommend them to all and will continue to use them for all our yard work. Thank you Brian & Team."


Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

  • Mowing, weekly service available, book online

  • Turf/sod installation

  • Turf & Plant care

  • Aeration

  • Seeding

  • Leaf Cleanup

Tree & Shrub Care

  • Tree & Shrub Protection

  • Professional Edging

  • Maintenance

  • Bush Hogging

  • Landscape Renovation

  • Hedges

  • Sustainable Horticulture for Virginia Yards & Lawns

Commercial Properties

  • Custom Management Plan

  • Parking Lots

  • Cargo Bays

  • Turf Maintenance

  • Hedges & edging

  • Snow Removal

  • Leaf Cleanup

Are You Ready for Spring?

At Lawncraft Lawncare, we can help you take care of all your spring lawn maintenance needs, from aeration to regular mowing and landscape upkeep. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to quickly and securely schedule our expert landscapers to come out and take care of your yard, at your convenience. On top of reliable maintenance by our trusted team of contractors, you can expect to save money with our company- sign up for our newsletter to take advantage of our seasonal discounts!

Professional Lawn Care Services

We keep your lawn healthy and beautiful with:
Turf Installation
Hedges & Edging
Landscape Design
Garden Wall Building
landscaping done right
Lovely Front Lawn
Hedges, Edging and Parking Lot Care
Beautifully Manicured Outdoor Space
Lush, healthy lawn
Lovely Front Lawn
Lush, healthy lawn

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Residential Packages
Residential Packages

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Mowing Starting at $39 Options: Trimming Edging Bagging of Clippings Blowing of Clippings (free for all cuts!)

Hedge Trimming
Hedge Trimming

Well Groomed Hedges Accent Your Home Options: Per shrub Per hedge Taller hedges with use of ladders


Razor Sharp Edges Enhance Your Lawn Edging produces clean lines along sidewalks, driveways and flower beds. Options: Included in lawn service package Edging only available for those you enjoy mowing their yard.

Mulch & Accent Landscaping
Mulch & Accent Landscaping

Accent and Protect Beautiful Landscaping

Commercial Services
Commercial Services

Maximize Your Companies Image A business's appearance is important. Each business will receive a custom estimate including all of our services offered and presented in a detailed proposal with several options to choose from. Stay ahead of the competition with freshly mowed store front, sharply trimmed hedges and colorful mulch applications.

Real Estate Packages
Real Estate Packages

You Can Call it "Lawn Staging" Eye catching curb appeal can enhance your homes appearance and make a breath taking statement to home buyers. Our services are designed to assist the real estate industry in the grooming of properties to encourage the sale of the home. Lawn Craft Lawn Care offers package deals for agents with multiple listings or home owners placing their home on the market. Showcase your home with a beautifully maintained lawn.

VA Spring Planting Tips

  • Grass seeds are best planted when the ground has passed the chances of a late freeze, so shoot for late spring or early summer.

  • If you want an established lawn before summer, we can install fresh sod grown in a local greenhouse.

  • For beautiful accent landscaping, plant 

  • January is the perfect time to start vegetables indoors. Now would be a great time to start seedlings for bell peppers, celery, eggplant, leeks, and tomatoes.

  • You can start your flowers inside too if you want a gorgeous display as soon as the ground is warm. Flowers that do well on the coast include Virginia bluebells, bleeding hearts, flowering dogwood, and snow-white anemone.

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